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Open Network Summit  April 4-6 Santa Clara, CA  

Whelan’s Presentation: Open Source and Open Broadband


“CORD redefines the economics of broadband and is the biggest innovation in the access network since ADSL,” said Greg Whelan, principal at Greywale Insights, “While CORD can’t solve squirrel chews or eliminate make-ready, its elegance is in its simplicity. It really is a game changer for any service provider offering broadband and mobile access.” (LINK)

Published articles on The Future of Broadband; Open Access, CORD and Beyond

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From the Open Networking Summit 2017 Santa Clara, CA

Whelan’s Presentation: Open Source and Open Broadband



January 25, 2017 Calix Accelerates Service Delivery with AXOS Sandbox — World’s First Software Defined Access (SDA) Virtual Environment

“The speed at which cloud companies and new entrants introduce services is a fundamental threat for service providers,” said Greg Whelan, Greywale Insights. “Rapid time to market for new services has been a promise of virtualization from its onset. What has been missing is a solution that addresses the hard stuff — simplifying the complex, time consuming, and costly service creation process.”

October 11, 2016  Sckipio and Calix Introduce Collective Dynamic Time Assignment for

“Broadband success is all about technologies that enable anyone to provide modern bandwidths to everyone,” said Greg Whelan, Principal Analyst, Greywale Insights. “Cities and buildings face the same barrier to success– the embedded base of wires. The advances in eliminates this and should fuel broadband success around the globe.”

July 29, 2016 New Open Source CORD Project Offers First Open Reference Implementation For Service Providers’ Central Office/Access Network

Central Office Re-Architected as a Datacenter (CORD) Initiative Radically Transforms the Economics of Network Acces

“CORD redefines the economics of broadband and is the biggest innovation in the access network since ADSL,” said Greg Whelan, principal at Greywale Insights, “While CORD can’t solve squirrel chews or eliminate make-ready, its elegance is in its simplicity. It really is a game changer for any service provider offering broadband and mobile access.”

February 18, 2016 Virtual Gateway Labs Expands Partner Program in North America with Team Telecom

““Incumbent service providers are at a crossroad where the one thing that is clear is business as usual is a death knell,” said Greg Whelan, principal at Greywale Insights, “They need solutions that evolve their business for decades to come.”

October 14, 2015;  Calix Accelerates Fiber Migration With Node-Based E3-8G OLT

“Cable companies are facing a perfect storm of business and technical disruptions including gigabit pressure, regulatory encroachment, and a groundswell of community broadband competition, many of which directly impact their access network,” said Greg Whelan, principal of Greywale Insights. “Cable companies need a graceful migration strategy to fiber architectures such as GPON. This migration must be simple and address the entire end-to-end service delivery architecture including the installed base of management systems and customer premise devices, as well as the realities literally on the ground, or in the outside plant.”


August 11, 2015 ADTRAN Lights Up Over 200 Gigabit Communities

“Communities around the globe – from dense urban to sparse rural and everywhere in between – have determined that affordable high-speed broadband is no longer a nicety, but a requirement for economic prosperity and quality of life,” said Greg Whelan, Principal, Greywale Insights. “Deploying fiber rich Gigabit broadband is the logical way to go. It gives the network operator great flexibility to serve business and residences with a range of cost-effective options. We know that when broadband rates increase the global innovation engine creates new compelling applications that drive economic development and improve our lives.”  (Full Release)

May 18, 2015 Sckipio and iPhotonix Announce NFV Partnership

“Service providers around the globe are moving toward gigabit deployments and FTTdp with offers many with an elegant solution,” said Greg Whelan, principal analyst, Greywale Insights. “Service providers are looking toward virtualization, including in the access network, to address real business drivers beyond data rates such as reducing OPEX and management complexities.”  (Full Release)  (Coverage Link)


Greg Whelan, Principal Analyst at Greywale Insights said

“Mobile app performance is critical as consumers have little tolerance for sluggishness,” said Greg Whelan of Greywale Insights. “Poor app performance directly impacts business success. CDN’s help but the last 50 miles is best effort. There’s huge variability of network performance particularly over the last 5 miles in both location and time. Solutions that elegantly improve app performance and are transparent to the mobile network operator solve a real business problem for the app provider.” (Full Release)

January 15, 2015:  Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs updates interactive energy consumption tool to measure impact of NFV, SDN and high-bandwidth services

Greg Whelan, Principal Analyst at Greywale Insights said: “It really is a question of when not if energy issues will impact carriers’ bottom line.   A linear correlation between traffic growth and OPEX can’t continue.  Adding an energy strategy to the mix is the prudent thing to do.  Alcatel Lucent is clearly taking the lead to address these tough issues.  Their work at Bell Labs and through GreenTouch™ is setting the agenda for energy aware network architectures.”


Welcome to Greywale Insights. We give our clients unforeseen strategic advantages by:

  • Aligning business strategies with technology
  • Aligning technology strategies with business drivers

We augment executives’ strengths and enable them to make better decisions faster.  If you are a participant in the broadband ecosystem we can accelerate your success by:

  • Simplifying the Complex to Gain Strategic Efficiencies
  • Creating strategies that address top-of-mind executive care-abouts that combine:
    • Longer term emotionally compelling visions and…
    • Immediate term strategic messaging and product roadmaps

Leading expert on the Future of Broadband

Our ability to understand and model the intersection of multiple technologies (SDN, Open Source, NFV, CORD, ONOS, XOS, GPON, EPON etc.) and multiple economic forces (Community Broadband, Gigabit Competition, Over-the-Top competition etc.) will result in you achieving the strategic clarity you are seeking.

If you are participating in the broadband ecosystem you should give us a shout.

ocean  How We Can Help…

For Tech Companies that are participating in the CORD/ONOS market or Open Access Broadband Market we can help them with strategic marketing….

  • Thought leadership/Set the Industry agenda plans
  • Go-to-Market plans (by segment)
  • Strategic messaging (telling unique and compelling stories to CxO’s at Tier 1, 2 and 3 SPs (and Cable)
  • System and Network Architectures
  • Product roadmap alignment
  • Ecosystem-wide participating strategies
  • Less strategic: Collateral development (Papers, customer presentations, webinars,etc. )

For Service Providers:

  • End-to-end System and Network Architectures
  • Business and Service Architectures
  • System Migration Strategies
  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Regulatory and Legal Messaging
  • Marketing Plans

Greg Whelan, Principal at Greywale Insights



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The Future of Access: Virtual Access Networks (VAN), Role of the Access in IoT

  1. The New ILEC Transformation: To Open Access (Article on Page 4)
  2. Why Google Fiber Has Stumbled, the Lessons to Learn & Why Moving to Fixed Wireless Won’t Solve the Problem (At Lightreading Ultra Broadband)

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  36. IoT, Internet of Things.  What’s a Thing? 
  37. Net Neutrality Over-Ruled:  It’s a win for everyone!
  38. How many years will the “Year of SDN” last?
  39. Untapped Service Provider Real Estate Assets
  40. If SP’s become a dumb pipe everyone loses: Including Google
  41. SDN Deployment Challenges
  42. SDN: Nothing to See Here, Move Along
  43. The Value of the Network is not Zero
  44. Apple: 10% Market Share in Smart Device: I’ve Seen this Movie Before
  45. The inevitability of SDN
  46. The Settop Box: Love or Hate? Still a Missed Opportunity
  47. High-end Settop Box Strategy?  Is this Possible?
  48. What percentage of the smart phone potential have we seen?


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Greywale Insights in Action:  AllSeen Alliance Summit: Panel Discussion on The Role of The Service Provider in IoT:  Beyond Best Effort Connectivity (Click for YouTube Video)

allseen smallyoutube


Greywale Insights at Comcast Business Analyst Day



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11 April 2014          IOT Boston Meeting Notes 40914

25 February 2014   5G summit Communique  (PDF)

15 January 2014     Network Energy a Top Focus at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs (PDF)

6 January 2014        Video Set-Top Box Energy Efficiency Standard Goes Into Effect (PDF)


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