The Future of Open Broadband Infrastructure

Greywale Advisors is a leading expert on Open Access Broadband and Neutral Communication Infrastructure. 

  • We focus on INNOVATION – The intersection of technology and markets. 
  • Today’s U.S. Broadband market is BROKEN – We’ve SOLVED it!  

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What We Do? If you want to build or invest in the future of broadband and local communications we can assist you:

  • Create the optimal Three Pillar Open Access Broadband or neutral communication infrastructure based on local conditions
    • Address fiber and wireless in one comprehensive community-driven infrastructure.
  • Create and adapt your financial models based on local conditions
    • Identify and quantify cash flows, ownership and debt models. 
  • Create your story, messaging and talking points for all ecosystem participants.
    • Help you sell the project to the entire community
    • RFI/ RFP replies, position papers, Op-ed writing, etc.

Professional Services: Executive Briefings, Strategy Development and Assessment, Strategic Messaging Creation and Assessment, Ecosystem and Value Chain Participation Strategies, Partnering Strategy and value chain creation, Product and Solution Strategies, RFI/RFP writing and response assessments, Keynote Speaking and Writing. Technical assessments, market position assessments.

Our Customers: Those looking to capitalize on the future of broadband.  Those looking to monetize existing network assets.  Those looking to acquire or build broadband networks.  Those looking to transform their communities.

  • Private Equity Investors, Over-builders, Community Broadband Groups, Municipal Leaders, Network/Fiber Owners, Network/Fiber buyers, ILECs, Cable MSOs, MNO and anyone that can benefit from millions of open gigabit connections. 

Our Philosophy:  Innovation should be the rising tide that lifts all boats.   Translation:  Everyone in the Broadband Ecosystem Wins with Open Access Broadband and Neutral Communication Infrastructure!.   Even the Incumbents!

Select Published Materials:

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PODcast: Big Cities Tired of Waiting for Modern Broadband, Do It Themselves? (@ISE)

Keynote Address: The Alternative ILEC Transformation Presentation  TANE2017

Linux Foundation Open Networking Summit (ONS) Presentation:  Open Source & Open Broadband

The Real ILEC Transformation: To Open Access Infrastructure (@ISE )


Open Source Fiber Huts? An Indication of the Future of the Broadband Ecosystem (@ISE)

PODcast: An alternative ILEC transformation (Here)

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 Why GoogleFiber has stumbled:  The Lessons to Learn & Why Moving to Fixed           Wireless Won’t Solve the Problem.   (AT LIGHT READING ULTRA BROADBAND)

ACLU and Municipal Broadband ( )

Select Quips and Quotes

  • “All local loops are local”
  • “Community Broadband is about Community not broadband”
  • “Broadband is critical community infrastructure”
  • “Rural broadband isn’t broken, it was never fixed”
  • “Broadband isn’t about technology, it’s critical infrastructure for community vibrancy”
  • “Net neutrality is a myth, always has been”


Greg Whelan:  Principal

  • BSEE Cornell University, MBA (Innovation) Northeastern University
  • Industry Pioneer
    • First worked in broadband in 1992.
    • Active member of the U.S. Committee T1 – T1E1.4 where we created the first ever ADSL Standard (T1.413) in 1996
    • Active member of the ITU where we created the first global ADSL standards (G.992.1 and G.992.2).
    • Co-founder and Vice President of the ADSL Forum, now known as the Broadband Forum.
  • Broadband Positions
    • Drove broadband technical marketing at companies including: Analog Devices, Cisco Systems, Cascade Communications (Lucent), and other medium and startup companies.
    • Created the world’s first commercial ADSL modem chipset at Analog Devices
    • Product manager of a DSL access multiplexer (DSLAM) (Cascade-Lucent)
    • Led Marketing and Product Management for a portfolio of Broadband Residential Products. (Cayman)
    • Worked with large incumbent telco’s (AT&T and Verizon), large cable companies (Comcast and Charter), smaller Rate-of-Return ILECs as well as with the community broadband ecosystem.
  • Alternative Broadband Activities
    • Created alternative broadband models comprised of Business, Technical and Financial architectures. 
    • Worked with technology vendors implementing the first Open Access Broadband networks in US.
    • Worked with leading European Open Access experts to adapt models to the North American market.
    • Worked with private financial firms to create an open access broadband model for North America.
    • Recently Keynote presentations at the Linux Foundation’s Open Networking Summit (ONS) on “Open Source and Open Broadband” and at the Telecom Association of New England (TANE) Executive Summit on “An Alternative Future for the ILEC”.

Recent Alternative Broadband Projects:

  • Created technical, business and financing architectures combining open access broadband and neutral communication infrastructure for municipal leaders, technology providers and private equity investors.
  • Worked with technology vendors to implement one of the first Open Access Broadband networks in U.S.
  • Worked with leading European Open Access experts to adapt models to the North American market.
  • Worked with private financial firms to create a private funding model for our open access broadband and neutral communication infrastructure model for North America.










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