The Future of Open Broadband Infrastructure

Greywale Advisors is a leading expert on Open Access Broadband and Neutral Communication Infrastructure. 

  • We focus on INNOVATION – The intersection of technology and markets. 
  • Today’s U.S. Broadband market is BROKEN – We’ve SOLVED it!  

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What We Do? If you want to build or invest in the future of broadband and local communications we can assist you:

  • Create the optimal Three Pillar Open Access Broadband or neutral communication infrastructure based on local conditions
    • Address fiber and wireless in one comprehensive community-driven infrastructure.
  • Create and adapt your financial models based on local conditions
    • Identify and quantify cash flows, ownership and debt models. 
  • Create your story, messaging and talking points for all ecosystem participants.
    • Help you sell the project to the entire community
    • RFI/ RFP replies, position papers, Op-ed writing, etc.

Professional Services: Executive Briefings, Strategy Development and Assessment, Strategic Messaging Creation and Assessment, Ecosystem and Value Chain Participation Strategies, Partnering Strategy and value chain creation, Product and Solution Strategies, RFI/RFP writing and response assessments, Keynote Speaking and Writing. Technical assessments, market position assessments.

Our Customers: Those looking to capitalize on the future of broadband.  Those looking to monetize existing network assets.  Those looking to acquire or build broadband networks.  Those looking to transform their communities.

  • Private Equity Investors, Over-builders, Community Broadband Groups, Municipal Leaders, Network/Fiber Owners, Network/Fiber buyers, ILECs, Cable MSOs, MNO and anyone that can benefit from millions of open gigabit connections. 

Our Philosophy:  Innovation should be the rising tide that lifts all boats.   Translation:  Everyone in the Broadband Ecosystem Wins with Open Access Broadband and Neutral Communication Infrastructure!.   Even the Incumbents!

Select Published Materials:

Incumbent Broadband Providers verse Municipal Broadband (@ISE)                          Will the City of San Francisco Define the Future of Broadband? (@ ISE)                  Open Access Broadband:  Dark Fiber vs. Lit Fiber  (@ Broadband Communities)            PODcast: Big Cities Tired of Waiting for Modern Broadband, Do It Themselves? (@ISE) Keynote Address: The Alternative ILEC Transformation Presentation  TANE2017
Linux Foundation Open Networking Summit (ONS) Presentation:  Open Source & Open Broadband
The Real ILEC Transformation: To Open Access Infrastructure (@ISE )
Open Source Fiber Huts? An Indication of the Future of the Broadband Ecosystem (@ISE)
PODcast: An alternative ILEC transformation (Here)                                                    How the CORD Project Will Change the Economics of Broadband (@Linux Foundation) The CORD Project: Unforeseen Efficiencies: A Truly Unified Access Architecture (@Linux Foundation)                                                                                                     Why GoogleFiber has stumbled:  The Lessons to Learn & Why Moving to Fixed           Wireless Won’t Solve the Problem.   (AT LIGHT READING ULTRA BROADBAND)

ACLU and Municipal Broadband ( )

Select Quips and Quotes

  • “All local loops are local”
  • “Community Broadband is about Community not broadband”
  • “Broadband is critical community infrastructure”
  • “Rural broadband isn’t broken, it was never fixed”
  • “Broadband isn’t about technology, it’s critical infrastructure for community vibrancy”
  • “Net neutrality is a myth, always has been”


Greg Whelan:  Principal

  • BSEE Cornell University, MBA (Innovation) Northeastern University
  • Co-Founder of the Broadband Forum, drove 1st U.S. and International DSL Standards
  • Strategic Broadband roles at: Cisco, Analog Devices, Cascade Communications (LU-ALC-NOK), Cayman System, others.
  • Working on early open access networks in the U.S. for 2 years. 
  • Public Speaking at;  Open Networking Summit (Open Source for Open Broadband)  TANE Executive Conference (An Alternative Future of the ILEC),  AllSeen Summit, SCTE, TIA and others. 

Recent Alternative Broadband Projects:

  • Created technical, business and financing architectures combining open access broadband and neutral communication infrastructure for municipal leaders, technology providers and private equity investors.
  • Worked with technology vendors to implement one of the first Open Access Broadband networks in U.S.
  • Worked with leading European Open Access experts to adapt models to the North American market.
  • Worked with private financial firms to create a private funding model for our open access broadband and neutral communication infrastructure model for North America.










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