Innovation Management:

Merging Markets and Advanced Technologies

Innovation Advisor/Analyst to technology executives, entrepreneurs, investors and municipal leaders in telecommunications, broadband, cloud/edge, digital infrastructure, clean tech, blue tech, electric aviation, SaaS, and other markets and advanced technologies.

  • Innovation and Growth Strategies
  • Product – Market Fit
  • Product Definitions/Requirements and Roadmaps
  • Lead customer / Lead user identification and enlistment

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Innovation Meets The Last Mile. We’re at the Beginning of a Global Transition to Last Mile Digital Infrastructure. (@ISE)

A Bit of Backgroud

An innovation and product centric marketing and sales professional combining big picture thinking, strong technical acumen, creative problem solving and the ability to simplify complex concepts and technologies to create new products, solutions, and ecosystem-wide go-to-market strategies. Skilled in: Growth & Innovation Strategies, Product-Market Fit, Product Definitions & Roadmaps, Product Management, Product Marketing, Messaging, Thought Leadership, Beachhead Creation/Expansion, Content Development, Sales Enablement.  










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