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Greywale News

  1. Altantic IT Group: Greg Whelan Articles
  2. October 18, 2015  Greywale Insights to Speak at AllSeen Alliance Summit
  3. October 14, 2015:  Calix Accelerates Fiber Migration With Node-Based E3-8G OLT
  4. October 14, 2015 Greywale Insights to Present at SCTE Tech EXPO in New Orleans
  5. August 11, 2015 Adtran Lights Up Over 200 Gigabit Communities 
  6. May 18, 2015 Sckipio and iPhotonix Announce NFV Partnership
    1. (Full Release)
  8. January 15, 2015:  Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs updates interactive energy consumption tool to measure impact of NFV, SDN and high-bandwidth services
  9. Grewale Management Announces First Service Provider Energy Strategy Map
  10. Greywale Management Sponsors Telco Energy Conference
  11. Irish Professionals Visit Local CleanTech Center
  12. Dublin and New England Cleantech Investment and Entrepreneurship Event in Boston (Greywale Management Leads Panel Discussion)
  13. Newburyport CleanTech Center Announces New Members of the Board of Directors
  14. ACTION (Boston, MA)  and the GreenWay (Dublin, Ireland) Join Forces to Accelerate Trade and Investment  (Greywale Management leads deal)



October 14, 2015;  Calix Accelerates Fiber Migration With Node-Based E3-8G OLT

“Cable companies are facing a perfect storm of business and technical disruptions including gigabit pressure, regulatory encroachment, and a groundswell of community broadband competition, many of which directly impact their access network,” said Greg Whelan, principal of Greywale Insights. “Cable companies need a graceful migration strategy to fiber architectures such as GPON. This migration must be simple and address the entire end-to-end service delivery architecture including the installed base of management systems and customer premise devices, as well as the realities literally on the ground, or in the outside plant.”

August 11, 2015 Adtran Lights Up Over 200 Gigabit Communities 

“Communities around the globe – from dense urban to sparse rural and everywhere in between – have determined that affordable high-speed broadband is no longer a nicety, but a requirement for economic prosperity and quality of life,” said Greg Whelan, Principal, Greywale Insights. “Deploying fiber rich Gigabit broadband is the logical way to go. It gives the network operator great flexibility to serve business and residences with a range of cost-effective options. We know that when broadband rates increase the global innovation engine creates new compelling applications that drive economic development and improve our lives.”


May 18, 2015 Sckipio and iPhotonix Announce NFV Partnership

“Service providers around the globe are moving toward gigabit deployments and FTTdp with offers many with an elegant solution,” said Greg Whelan, principal analyst, Greywale  Insights. “Service providers are looking toward virtualization, including in the access network, to address real business drivers beyond data rates such as reducing OPEX and management complexities.”  (Full Release)


Cloud-based service enables mobile app owners to eliminate performance issues on cellular and Wi-Fi networks; Mobile Delivery Network delivers up to 10X gains versus TCP over Mobile Broadband

Greg Whelan, Principal Analyst at Grewywale Insights said

“Mobile app performance is critical as consumers have little tolerance for sluggishness,” said Greg Whelan of Greywale Insights. “Poor app performance directly impacts business success. CDN’s help but the last 50 miles is best effort. There’s huge variability of network performance particularly over the last 5 miles in both location and time. Solutions that elegantly improve app performance and are transparent to the mobile network operator solve a real business problem for the app provider.” (Full Release)


January 15, 2015:  Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs updates interactive energy consumption tool to measure impact of NFV, SDN and high-bandwidth services

Greg Whelan, Principal Analyst at Greywale Insights said: “It really is a question of when not if energy issues will impact carriers’ bottom line.   A linear correlation between traffic growth and OPEX can’t continue.  Adding an energy strategy to the mix is the prudent thing to do.  Alcatel Lucent is clearly taking the lead to address these tough issues.  Their work at Bell Labs and through GreenTouch™ is setting the agenda for energy aware network architectures.”

Greywale Events

AllSeen Alliance Summit: Keynote Panel.  Seattle, WA October 20, 2015


Greg Whelan (Front Left) Principal of Greywale Insights discusses the Role of the SP in IoT: Beyond Basic Connectivity.  Also shown, from left to right, is Stephen Vincent (AT&T), Garey Hassler (CableLabs) and Eric Bozich (CenturyLink)


Greg Whelan, Principal Analyst/Consultant at ACG Research Presented at MetaSwitch Technology Day in San Juan Puerto Rico.  He discussed top-of-mind business issues (CAPEX isn’t the real problem and The Future State of Innovation) and a realistic view of emerging technologies (Virtualization: There’s got to be more and VoWiFi, the threat of Cable VoWiFi to the MNOs)


hassan london small

Dr. Hassan Hamdoun, Sr. Analyst at Greywale Management, at the Telecom Energy Efficiency Conference, London, UK November 11, 2013.  With John Booth (center) from CarbonIT UK and Thierry Klein, (Right) Head of Green Research, Bell Labs – Alcatel-Lucent and Chair of GreenTouch.


Greg Whelan, Principal at Greywale, (Far right), moderates a panel discussion at Bingham Mccutchen LLP (Boston) on the role of incubators in international investment and entrepreneurship.  Also show from left are: Mike Ryan, President of ACTION, Dougan Sherwood, Director of the Cambridge Innovation Center and Ronan King, Chairman of The Green Way, Dublin Ireland.


Greg Whelan, left, meets with Ronan King, Chairman of the GreenWay and at the Newburyport CleanTech Center. Next to Mr. King is Robert O’Brien President of the NCTC.


On the left: Greg Whelan (Left) discusses the role of incubators in cleantech entrepreneurship.  Also shown are Tom Kinneman (Executive of NSIV) and Joan Popolo (Director of ACTION).

On the right:  Greg Whelan speaks about the importance of generating interest in STEM curriculum and careers at the Newburyport High School.

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