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Broadband, Mobile, SDN/NFV and IoT Networking

  1. (@LinkedIN)
  2. The Virtual Access Network: A Real Game Changer (@LinkedIN) (January 2016)
  3. Why Mobile Network Operators are Under Estimating the Threat of Wi-Fi and Voice over Wi-Fi (@LinkedIN)
  4. The Battle for the Residential Edge Part I (@LinkedIN) (November 2015)
  5. OTT and IoT Impact the SP Ecosystem the Same Way (@LinkedIN)
  6. 21st Century Access: Beyond Broadband (@ Slideshare)
  7. The IoT Narrative is WRONG! (at LinkedIN)
  8. Wi-Fi: The Toy That Grew Up (at Wireless Broadband Association)
  9. Telecommunication 2025 Looks Like…. (At LinkedIN)
  10. Verizon are you future looking binoculars blurry? You’re on a fast lane to Tier-2 status.  (At LinkedIN)
  11. Access Insights (TM): At the intersection of SP Business and Technology (At LinkedIN)
  12. Verizon: Selling Fixed Network Assets:  WTF (At LinkedIN)
  13. The Future of Broadband CPE: Part I (@ LinkedIN)
  14. Virtualization: There’s Got To Be More: (@ SDN Central)
  15. Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent: Who Should Buy Who? (At ACG)
  16. Regulations: Be Careful What You Wish For! (At LinkedIN)
  17. Voice over Wi-Fi: Presentation on Slideshare (here)
  18. Voice over Wi-Fi Cable vs. MNOs (At LinkedIN)
  19. How big a threat is VoWi-Fi to the MNO? (At LinkedIN)
    1. Video Version:
  20. Virtualization:  There’s got to be more! (At Linked IN)
    1. Video Version:
  21. Cord Cutting/Shaving Discussion
  22. Cloud (Network) PVR Discussion
  23. SDN and NFV: Deja Vu All Over Again: What Vendors Need to Do (At SDN Central)
  24. The Next Cord Cutting; Real Cord Cutting 
  25. Open Internet + Fast Lane: A Win for Consumers: Yet Trust but Verify
  26. VoLTE: Is it Worth the Investment
  27. Boston IoT Summit Meeting Notes
  28. IoT, A Market of Everything
  29. Network PVR a Win for Service Providers and Consumers
  30. Community Broadband Options (At Slideshare)
  31. IoT, Internet of Things.  What’s a Thing? 
  32. Net Neutrality Over-Ruled:  It’s a win for everyone!
  33. How many years will the “Year of SDN” last?
  34. Untapped Service Provider Real Estate Assets
  35. If SP’s become a dumb pipe everyone loses: Including Google
  36. SDN Deployment Challenges
  37. SDN: Nothing to See Here, Move Along
  38. The Value of the Network is not Zero
  39. Apple: 10% Market Share in Smart Device: I’ve Seen this Movie Before
  40. The inevitability of SDN
  41. The Settop Box: Love or Hate? Still a Missed Opportunity
  42. High-end Settop Box Strategy?  Is this Possible?
  43. What percentage of the smart phone potential have we seen?
  44. Mobile Banner Ads: The Ultimate Billboard

Service Provider Energy Strategy

  1. New Set-top Box Energy Efficiency Agreement in Effect (PDF)
  2. Network Energy a Top Focus at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs (PFD)
  3. The Greywale Service Provider Energy Strategy Taxonomy (PDF)
  4. Greywale – SP Energy Strategy    (PDF)
  5. Toward a Low Energy LTE Cellular Network: Architecture
  6. TIA Meeting Notes (Complimentary Download)
  7. A Telco Energy Strategy Should Demand Zero Impact on Services
  8. Service Provider Energy Efficiency (SPEE) is Inevitable
  9. Energy Management: Focus of Nokia Seimens 

Technology Marketing Strategy

  1. Vision vs. Roadmap
  2. Vision vs. Roadmap (Part II)
  3. Powerpoint Addiction: A Symptom of Global ADD
  4. ADD is a Global Phenomena
  5. First to Market Paradox (Part I)
  6. Solution Marketing – Ensuring 1+1 > 2
  7. Solution Marketing – Ensuring 1+1 > 2 (Part II)
  8. Acquisitions: Don’t Forget the Vision and the Messaging
  9. Everything is a Solution: There’s no such thing as a point product
  10. Innovation vs. Invention
  11. Marketing is all about the color gray
  12. The Myth of Numbers
  13. Social Media Marketing: The Billboard Metaphor
  14. Social Media Platforms = Infrastructure?
  15. CMO: Best Friends with the CIO or CTO?  Or Both?
  16. Semiconductor Companies Can Transform with the End of EOL

Energy & Clean Technology

  1. Cleantech:   Can’t Change the forces of Physics or the forces of the Market
  2. Cleantech VC Investing Paradox
  3. Cleantech is Dead: Like the Internet was in 2000
  4. Cleantech is More than Solar
  5. Cleantech: Into the Board Room
  6. Energy Independence: Focus on Technology Strategy: Not Emotions


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